6H7A0806From the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina to the west coast and all points in between, America is being treated to a special blend of gospel music by The Easter Brothers. This trio of brothers are helping to forge a new frontier in gospel music for their unique style. Some would call their style of singing ” bluegrass gospel”, while others have termed it “traditional country gospel”. ¬†Whichever name you choose to call it, you will have to agree that it is music in its purest form.

It’s music with feeling, depth, sensitivity and backed with a solid message. There is a special, magical feeling one gets when listening to the Easter Brothers sing. You are transformed as you listen to their clear style of singing back to the days of simple times and purity in thinking. Perhaps this is what stands out most in their music. It is clear, pure and simple. Not complicated by musical arrangements that confuse the intent of the songs; but good, honest simplicity. Their fabulous harmony, augmented by the purity of their instruments is further enhanced by the clear cut message of faith and inspiration that mark their songs.


The reputation of the Easter Brothers as inspired songwriters of gifted material grew daily, and they became known as some of the most prolific tunesmith’s in the gospel music profession. Many of their songs were recorded by other groups and have become standards. Among them are “Thank You Lord For Your Blessings On Me,” “The Darkest Hour,” “They’re Holding Up The Ladder,” “He’s The Rock I’m Leaning On,” “Help Me Stand Lord,” “Jesus, You’ve Just Made My Day,” “Heart That Will Never Break Again,” “Please Don’t Tell My Daddy,” “Hand Me Downs” – all just a few of the hundreds of songs penned by the three brothers. Their songs will live on in the hearts and minds of gospel music lovers for many generations to come.

6H7A0839Since the inception of the Easter Brothers over 60 years ago, their music and sound has carried a viable commercial appeal. They have recorded throughout the years for various major record labels, beginning with King Records, a major country label during the 60’s, and later processing to QCA and their own Commandment label.

While the bluegrass gospel sound has carried the Easter Brothers throughout the span of their career, they have never confined themselves to just one style of gospel music.Without losing the identity and integrity of their music, the Easter Brothers have broadened their sound to include southern and country gospel. The commercial recording sound of the three brothers has been noticed in other musical circles for a long time. When they were offered a very lucrative contract to leave gospel music and sing only “love songs”, they politely declined, telling the label executive that they were already singing the greatest love song in the world! In 1979, the demand for the Easter Brothers became so great that they had to give up their day to day jobs and devote their entire attention to music. All throughout their career, they have appeared on a variety of different broadcast television events. The PTL Club, Huff Cook, Leonard Repass, Camp Meetin’ USA, Sing Out America, Great American Gospel, Bluegrass Road, and Top of the Morning are just a few national and international television shows the Easter Brothers have been a part of.

6H7A0819To listen to the Easter Brothers is a joyous occasion. One can feel the Holy Spirit moving in a meaningful way through these men. Their daily lives, the way they conduct their business affairs, the people they meet and talk are all indicative of how much sincerity goes into their own testimony. They are humble men, with a true beauty in that humility, who believe in treating each day as a gift from God to be a witness to those they meet about a better way of life.

The Easter Brothers have been chosen by God to reveal to the world through their own special blend of music that there is hope eternal and life with abundance in The Lord.

The world is a better place to live–and the gospel music industry much greater–because the Easter Brothers sing their songs in a style that is totally authentic and American.

(Excepts in an article printed from the Singing News Magazine)